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The bullet journal

A 6-step journey to make your Erasmus+ project successful! The bEUjo+ bullet journal will guide you during all the steps of an Erasmus+ project:​

  • Drafting a proposal​
  • Managing & reporting​
  • Developing outputs​
  • Engaging target audiences & stakeholders​
  • Promoting & disseminating​
  • Evaluating & generating impact

The essential tools of an Erasmus+ project manager

The BOX+

Following the steps in the bEUjo+ Bullet Journal you will need to create and handle key documents. We are here to help you! What docs are we talking about? 

  • Workplan 
  • Gantt Chart 
  • Bilateral contracts 
  • Dissemination strategies 

And more to follow! 

Training methology

The roadmap to success

What is the best approach to become a successful Erasmus+ project manager?

The Training Methodology will give you practical suggestions on how to learn all the secrets for a successful management of Erasmus+ projects! 

Evaluation formularies

This self-assessment tool is based on the DigCompEdu proficiency levels and is meant for Erasmus + project managers. It shall encourage self-reflection and self-assessment within educational organisations and enable project managers to design, implement and appraise projects for the integration of digital technologies.

The tool consists of 6 areas with a progression model. For each area, there is a list of statements; the users have to tick off one of the two answers (“Yes, pretty much” or “No, not really”) that most accurately describe their experience with the use of digital technologies for project management purposes.

Based on the answers received, the tool suggests concrete steps for project managers that should help them progress to a higher competence level, as well as specific digital tools to use when working in Erasmus + projects.

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 1

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 2

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 3

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 4

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 5

bEUjo+ Assessment tool: Area 6

BEUjo+ is a transnational project developing 3 sets of tools for novel Erasmus+ project managers to grow and learn through Erasmus+ opportunities.

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BEUjo+ Project No. 2020-1-FR01-KA226-VET-095470 has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.​

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