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Welcome! 🇪🇸

INFODEF welcomed the partnership of bEUjo+ – Bullet journal for your Erasmus+ project in Valladolid, for the second Transnational Partnership Meeting ✈️

The Meeting comes at a point of intense development of the results of the project: all three of them are running at the same time 📙

1. Bullet Journal for Erasmus+ Project Management

2. The Toolbox as essential tools for Erasmus+ project managers

3. Peer Learning Training Methodology

Objective of the meeting was to assess the stage of finalisation, discuss any feedback and new ideas for the testing of the results ✅

Next steps? We will soon launch a 3-days long activity for experienced managers to review all project results. 💯

Why? To deliver the best possible results to both experienced and newcomers managers of Erasmus+ projects 🇪🇺

See you soon in 🇩🇪!

BEUjo+ is a transnational project developing 3 sets of tools for novel Erasmus+ project managers to grow and learn through Erasmus+ opportunities.

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BEUjo+ Project No. 2020-1-FR01-KA226-VET-095470 has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.​

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